Veppo E-Cigar Experiences: The Best Electronic Cigar

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There’s nothing better than getting hearing about customer experiences from our Veppo family.

No shame in it, we light up like a Christmas tree every time a customer review hits our inbox. There are few things we value more than the chance to connect with our customers and helping to provide them the true freedom experience associated with their device.

That’s why we are so excited to share this post. Not only do these testimonials help shows us how we can continue to provide a good service, but they reinforce our belief that these products can truly help to better the lives of our friends who rely on us.

To everyone who has shared their stories, experiences or even just dropped a comment on one of our social channels, the Veppo team is grateful for your support!

Phew. Now that we’re done with the sappy appreciation for our awesome family, let’s get to a few of these E-Cigar stories!

Veppo Electronic Cigar Experiences

Best Electronic Cigar Jake











“I really enjoy the finer things in life and a good cigar is one of them but a cigar that last long, taste great,doesn’t leave you smelling like an ashtray and has no negative effect on my health!

Well that’s a luxury I can’t live with out so make sure to check out my buddies over at @veppocig and try one for yourself, they’re awesome!!”

– Jake



















“Here is a little-known factoid: I recently found an old Veppo Cigar ordered online from December 2011. I smoked it back then and kept it inside an old Cigar tube in my office desk at home.

And…….I can still draw puffs on this 5 year old cigar. Amazing. It looked different than the ones I just ordered. It had more of a paper wrapper. It had a smaller cigar band and it needed to be put together and turned to activate it. The burn tip was much different.

My cardiologist took me off nicotine 11 years ago. Veppo non-nicotine cigars have given me the satisfaction without the worry.

I have tried other E Cigars but decided to come back to Veppo.


– Bob









“Veppo adjusts to my lifestyle, it is by far the best e-cigar. I know that when you try this cigar you will fall in love right away like I did. Best of the best all the way.”

– Jean Arias, Sales Professional/Athlete

“I’ve been using e-smokes now for about 6 years.

I have tried all different types and brands and styles. I always

wanted an E-Cigar but I just couldn’t find one that appealed to me. Then I found the Veppo E-Cigar. This is awesome. The draw is smooth, the flavor is very nice and the cartomizer and batteries last a very long time. This E-cigar is so easy to use. You don’t have to screw anything together or push any buttons.

The battery and the cartomizer connect via USB which make it superior and very easy to charge the battery. You don’t need an special adapter you can just plug it into a USB and boom it’s charging.

I love this cigar and would recommend it to anyone who wants to try an E-Cigar, Not sure what your looking for? No worries the people at Veppo are very helpful and will help anyway they can.”


“I have been enjoying these great e-cigars for almost two years now and will be for many years to come. If you are really looking for the very best in e-cigars, Veppo is the one!!!”

– Ed

“Enjoying possibly one of the last warm days in the ✋?with a Veppo e-cigar. Really liked the Cubano flavor! Very smooth.”

– @golfthemitten, Golf Enthusiast

Never thought I’d be able to smoke INSIDE my house!! Thanks for this super cool E-Cigar @veppocig!! It will come in handy!

– Octavia, HerFicionado

“Veppo allows me to make my photos hyper realistic. The bonus cherry flavor makes take after take even more enjoyable.”

– Abby Dark-Star, Professional Cosplay Artist

“The Veppo E-Cigar is by far the best product I’ve tried on the market. The soft-tip, great taste, and nice vapor production makes it seem as if you’re smoking a real cigar. The best part? No nicotine, no harsh chemicals, no offensive odor if out in public, or better yet no smoke smell if you’re in your house.”

– Matt Weik, Fitness Professional

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