The Veppoccino Woman

Modern women vaporizers
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First it was Clara Bow.

Then Marilyn Monroe.

Then Sofia Loren stole the show.

Women who would have vaped

These iconic women didn’t just become sex symbols – they changed the culture.

They captivated a world audience and helped to define the voice and the look of a generation.

Now it’s the dawning of a new era: the Veppoccino woman!

The Veppoccino woman who turns heads, and causes rioting in the streets, and gets the hearts of even the coldest men thumping – if she wants to.

The Veppoccino woman is a new breed of sexy intelligence.

She is free as a bird. She is gregarious but she lives by her own rules.

Modern women

If this woman were any less vivacious she couldn’t get away with it. But her smooth voice, her deep inner confidence and the fact that she has a vaporizer instead of a simple e-cig or worse – that nasty old cigarette of the 1950s – only helps her case.

The Veppoccino is accepted everywhere with open arms.

She can vape anywhere she wants. Her breath smells divine, at any given moment giving whiffs of cherry, vanilla and chocolate to those men who would dare to almost kiss her.

She is the quintessential symbol of the modern day woman who loves to achieve and loves to relax.

And that woman can be YOU.

With the new vaporizer for women called the Veppoccino, you get total control while maintaining our feminine self.

Confidence is owning it.

And that chic, thin and fashion-friendly vaporizer is an extension of you—your modern day femme fatale essence in action.

Veppoccino Vaporizer for the ladies.

Veppoccino Vaporizer for the ladies.

With the Veppoccino vaporizer for women:

• You vape in comfort and style, using a personal vaporizer perfectly sized for women’s hands.

• You appreciate that your smile will stay bright, your taste buds stay refined and breath remains pure.

• You customize the nicotine level and the flavor. Some days, chocolate and hazelnut are exactly what you need. Other days, you’re in the mood for a spark of lemon-lime.

• You can match any outfit with a choice of 5 colors. Whether you’re going formal, countryside, motorbike or even rock & roll – the Veppoccino vaporizer has the elegance and charm to fit in anywhere.

• You will make a statement and flaunt your confidence to the world.

With the Veppoccino vaporizer for women, you are never left standing alone.

You can hold the piece in style, giving the look to whomever captures your fancy. You always look busy, yet relaxed and in control.

The Veppoccino e-cigarette for Women represents the new age, one generation removed from the antiquity of cigarettes, which are a fashion no-no nowadays. Today, you want to look that much smarter.

You want to be one step ahead of the mainstream.

You set the trends, you don’t follow.

Become a Veppoccino Woman and take your place as the It Girl of your community.

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Gina King is the brand manager for Veppo International, the leading brand offering a robust selection of vape pen vaporizers, e-liquid and e-cigars. Over the past 6 years, Veppo has provided more than 108,000 customers a friendly alternative to cigarettes. More info at

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