Vaping and Fitness with Matt Weik

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It’s easy to understand why smoking cigars and cigarettes while also training and exercising is a bad idea. But how about vaping and fitness? Now that is a interesting concept.

Do you have to give up vaping to be fit? 

This week, we interviewed fitness coach Matt Weik, to hear his thoughts on vaping and fitness. With features in over 75 magazines, 900 websites, two college textbooks, and numerous appearances on radio and podcast shows, Matt is an expert in both physical fitness, and on incorporating vaping into a healthy lifestyle.


Vaping and Fitness 2

Tell us a little bit about how you got started as a fitness coach?

I got started in the fitness industry about 13 years ago when I was in college. I was at Penn State studying Kinesiology at the time and was hired as a personal trainer. I was always athletic and into sports so it was only fitting that I got into the fitness industry as a career. I’ve been writing in the industry for just about as long as well. I enjoy helping people reach their health/fitness goals and changing their lives.

What is your day-to-day routine like?

My day is pretty much the same Monday through Friday. I take my son to daycare in the morning and then head back home to spend my day in the office before my wife and son come home. I work with high school, college, and professional athletes/teams to ensure they are able to recover and perform their best on the field/court. Proper nutrition for them is very important so I give them a plan to help them get the nutrients they need to recover properly so they can perform at a high level every day.

How do you like to unwind?

I don’t get much time to unwind with having my hands in so many different parts of the industry, and with my writing, but when I do, I enjoy finding a quiet spot and having a scotch and an e-cigar. It’s a great time for me to relax and gather my thoughts. My schedule is pretty insane on a daily basis so when I can find the time to relax it is always needed.

How do you feel smoking affects fitness training?

I think the e-cigar (or any type of “e-” product) is going to totally destroy the tobacco industry. And I’m happy about that. With so many negatives from using tobacco products, and with the new technology of e-products, it’s a home run for people to want to switch. I especially like the fact that there are options out there with zero nicotine. You can literally enjoy an e-product without adverse negatives that accompany it like you would from lighting up a cigar or cigarette. In terms of fitness training in general, you can think of people who smoke and their overall lung capacity. Those who smoke have a much lower lung capacity and therefore wouldn’t be able to exercise at their full potential. Their cardiovascular training wouldn’t be on par with someone who didn’t smoke (as long as you’re comparing similar individuals–but one smoker and one non-smoker). They would find themselves getting winded much easier than those who didn’t smoke.

What made you start using e-cigars? 18AndrewMcAfeePhotography (1)

On occasion I enjoyed smoking a nice cigar with a scotch–generally with friends or family. However, knowing what tobacco products are capable of, I wondered if there was an alternative out there that would give me the same enjoyment without the negative effects that come with it. That’s when I found e-cigars. I love the fact that there’s no tar or chemicals along with the option of having an e-cigar with zero nicotine. This allows me to enjoy a “cigar” on occasion with a drink without the consequences.

Do cigars and e-cigars taste the same?

No. Are they close? Some are. I’ve found that you can get e-cigars in different flavors (Cuban, natural tobacco, cherry, vanilla, chocolate, etc.). This gives the smoker some options to suit his/her taste.

How do you feel e-cigars impact fitness training?

Honestly, they really don’t affect fitness training at all. If someone is smoking an e-cigar properly they aren’t inhaling the vapor like they would an e-cigarette even. So there aren’t any consequences that would affect training by using such a device. Now I wouldn’t suggest going for a run with an e-cigar in your mouth, but sitting down at night puffing on your e-cigar wouldn’t do any harm to your body like a normal cigar/cigarette would.

Do you have a favorite e-cigar?

I really enjoy the Veppo Rechargeable E-Cigar. Because I don’t enjoy cigars often, if I were to get a disposable e-cigar, the battery would go dead before I could even enjoy it and I would have to throw it away. With that being said, if the battery were to die in my rechargeable, I can simply recharge it and I’m good to go. Also, I like the fact that you can save money by recharging it rather than having to always buy a new e-cigar. All you have to do is replace the cartridge and you’re back in business. I also like enjoy that the cartridges come in different flavors so you can pick and choose depending on your mood at the time. Want something fruity like a cherry flavor? They have it. Want a nice cuban cigar flavor with a scotch? They have a cuban flavor. You can mix and match dependent on you liking and all you need to do to swap out flavors is pull the e-cigar apart (it has 2 pieces) and put a new tip on the base and you’re good to go.

Final thoughts on using e-cigars? Vaping and Fitness

There are many companies out there who have hard-tipped e-cigars. I’ve tried them, and I’ve thrown them away. The soft-tip that Veppo uses on their e-cigars gives the device the feel of a real cigar in your mouth. If you are a die-hard tobacco cigar smoker, you aren’t going to want to look into anything other than Veppo at this point. You will absolutely hate the feel of the hard-tipped cigar.

Overall, the benefits of someone switching from tobacco products to an e-product are huge. I can’t stress enough the importance of quitting tobacco products due to the negative effects on personal fitness. Your body will thank you.


Vaping can have a place even for those looking to get into the best physical condition. If want to get fit, you don’t need to quit your habit, you just need to change it for the better.

Train hard, then put your feet up and relax with a nice e-cig or e-cigar, knowing that you are not hindering your training. Life is good, so why not enjoy it?

Photos by Andrew McAfee Photography

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Interview by Colton Chorpenning


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    Thanks for conducting this interview with me. It was a lot of fun! I hope more people try the product and fall in love with it as much as I have.

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    jordan winkler

    Interesting read. I’ve been doing nicotine gum for years and haven’t gotten into the vape/e-cigar thing yet, but I may sometime soon.

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