Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Men and Women

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Top 5 Gifts for Men

Breaking Bad Boxed Set

Look, if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet…arguably the best television show that ever has been and ever will be…well, now is your chance. And any self-respecting man would be tickled pink to own the gift set, which is not only packaged in a collectible replica money barrel (trust us, you’d understand it if you saw the show), but also comes with more than 55 hours of special features, a two hour documentary, a 16-page booklet with a letter from show creator Vince Gilligan, a coin designed by Vince Gilligan, and a Los Pollos Hermanos apron that’s sure to be the hit of his next BBQ party. So tell him to put on your shades and get ready for a whole lotta Heisenberg, when he wants it, and where he wants it. Best part is, if you get it for him, he might just invite you over for a bowl of popcorn and a marathon party.


Nike Fuel SE

He loves working out, but more than that, he loves keeping track of his progress. This hot little gadget is easily the most covetable fitness device on the market right now, and when he gets one, he’ll be the envy of all his gym buddies. Plus, the device itself is pretty darn cool…it keeps track of everything with an acute sensor, so tell him he can chuck his outdated spiral notebook fitness journals.


Veppo E-Cigar

There are times in life that call for a cigar – golf games, the birth of a baby, New Year’s Eve, even a night of drinking qualifies. But what about those times that he needs a cigar but he doesn’t want to pollute the air with clouds of smoke? Well, the Veppo E-Cigar makes our list because it solves both problems…it satisfies his need to indulge in a cigar AND it keeps the air nice and clean for everyone. It’s a gift for him, and a gift for everyone in a 1 mile radius.


Xbox One

Another year, another Xbox. Sure, it seems like not much is different, but true gamers will tell you that no matter what, they absolutely need the latest and the greatest. But then again, it’s so much more than just gaming. At the touch of a button you can jump instantly from TV to movies to music to games. It’s got everything he needs to keep his brain – and his inner child – entertained for hours on end. And isn’t that just what the doctor ordered?


Philips All-In-One Grooming Kit

Yeah, November was all about mustaches and Duck Dynasty made most men crave grizzly beards, but still, there’s got to be some grooming rituals left in his world. Help him stay smooth where he wants to be with this high-tech grooming kit, which will take care of stray hairs no matter where they pop up. And the better he looks, the better you look, so go ahead and help him stay in tip-top shape.



 Five Gifts for Women


A Spa Day

For men it might be all about new toys, but ladies like a bit of pampering. And most women are too busy taking care of other people to take a minute to care for themselves. So this holiday season, give her the gift of pure indulgence – book a massage, a mani/pedi, a facial, a body wrap, and anything else that your local spa has on the menu so that she can stop neglecting that oh-so-important “me-time.” In other words, make her an offer she can’t refuse, and then reap the rewards when she comes back happier than ray of sunshine.



We intentionally kept this category broad because the tastes of women are so different, but chances are you know your lady friend well enough to steer you in the right direction. Jewelry makes the perfect gift because it’s so versatile – in other words, if you’ve been married for a few years, then a diamond tennis bracelet is highly appropriate, but if you’re friends who are slowly becoming something more, then fun costume jewelry is probably a better option (unless you’re uber-wealthy, in which case diamonds are always appropriate). No matter what, the jewelry store salespeople are highly trained to help you out, and can usually discern just what she needs based on how you describe as her personality and daily lifestyle. So try your hand at picking out a bauble or two, and watch with delight as her face lights up when she opens that telltale little box.


Veppo Social Disposable E-Cigarettes

Veppo Social Disposable E-Cigarettes

Ever hear the phrase, “I only smoke when I drink?” Fact is, it’s often uttered by women, and often when they’re a few cocktails deep. Help her stay prepared for anything with these easy to use, easy to love, disposable, stink-free, and smoke-free e-cigs that she can stash in her purse before a night out on the town. That way she won’t wake up with the telltale stink on her clothes and taste of regret on her tongue from traditional cigs. She won’t even have to leave the bar to get in a quick puff or two.


A Gift Card to Anywhere

Look, we don’t normally advocate taking the “easy way out” and just buying a gift card, but in the case of women it actually makes sense. Does she spend her time roaming the aisles of Target, or is she more of a cup a day at Starbucks junkie? Take a good, hard gander at your lady’s everyday habits and then make a judgment call based on the specific things she likes to do. Again, women are often hesitant to spend money on themselves, and wind up giving so much of their own hard-earned cash to others. So get her a gift card with the strict stipulation that she spend it on something for her and only her. Then she gets exactly what she wants, and you look like the hero for knowing that sometimes the perfect gifts are the ones you pick for yourself.


A Coupon Book of Favors

A little creativity and ingenuity go a long way with the womenfolk. Take the time to create a book of coupons, with such gems as, “Good for one day of going shopping together” or “I’ll take out the garbage without complaint.” Make them real, relevant items that you often squabble about, and most importantly, follow through when she cashes them in. It’s a gift that will keep on giving all year long, and we’re betting you’ll be handsomely rewarded for the thought that went into it.

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