The FDA Fights a War on Terror Against E-Cigarettes

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The idea of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration censuring the creators of e-cigarettes is as absurd an idea as President Obama claiming he gave up smoking because he’s “afraid of his wife.”

The biggest news is vaporizers in 2013 and it’s surely beyond the federal government’s response to the many “activists” wanting to regulate e-cigarettes.

Warning labels, banning online sales

U.S. law enforcement officials have been whispering into the government’s ear for the past few years, demanding warning labels be put on vaporizers, and reportedly trying to ban online sales outright.

And here comes the “smoke up the ass” moment that will cause rapid head shaking: it’s because the FDA wants to make sure they’re safe before allowing a free market.

What is President Obama inhaling to believe all of this?

This is of course the same safe-minded FDA that released high-profile killer drugs like Rezulin, Vioxx, Troglitazone, after it was discovered that they might be causing deaths. The same FDA that refuses to label genetically modified produce, despite the fact that most countries have banned them, and despite the fact that millions of Americans are upset about unknowingly consuming these potentially dangerous Frankenstein foods.

But somehow, the real threat to humanity is in the form of e-cigarettes.

Now before you jump to conclusions that it’s all a big greedy conspiracy (oh it is, but wait for it…) let’s consider the facts.  Yes, the FDA has a right to be concerned about tobacco products and has done a fine job of warning the world about potential risks involved in over-consumption.  So much in fact that the smoking habit has drastically decreased worldwide, although the growth in the tobacco industry is coming from the youth.  (Apparently kids still think smoking is cool…huh, is this a new thing?)

So here come e-cigarettes…

…one of the most cost-efficient and effective technological advances designed to control smoking urges, while not injecting a person’s body full of tobacco smoke.  Through battery power and vapor, purified nicotine can be delivered (and with adjustable doses) to control cravings.  It’s the joy of cigarettes minus the toxins that cause cancer and a wide variety of other dis-ease.  Now, if you were a normal person, you might think this is a step in the right direction.

However, the FDA is taking its cue from the European Parliament, which is forcing a vote on further restricting tobacco and tobacco-like products, in hopes of “saving the children” as usual.  The European Parliament wants to go so far as to treat e-cigarettes like medicinal products, surrendering full power to the pharmaceutical companies.  This not only increases price, and reduces availability of products, but also means the pharmaceutical companies would get the lion’s share of profit.  Meanwhile another organization, the European Commission, publicly admitted that all of this fiasco is most likely not going to slow down the trend of smoking e-cigarettes. Good thing that didn’t pass.

Monopolize it all!

Not that futility phases these guys!  Our guess is that the Food and Drug Administration is whispering into the European Parliament’s ear, telling them just how great it is when the pharmaceutical industry monopolizes all products and “contains” all threats.  You know, like Stevia, the dangerous natural sugar substitute which the FDA tried to ban until major soda companies began developing products using the ingredient.  Or like that other green plant which remains illegal in most states for moral reasons—unless of course, it’s pharmaceutically supervised and brings in profit to you know who.

FDA War on Terror against E-cigarettes

And there you have the reality of the situation.  It is forecasted that e-cigarettes and vapor cigars will sell upwards of 300 million in 2013 alone, a three-fold increase from the year before.  The tobacco companies may be the big loser in all of this but that’s not what concerns the FDA.  The real issue is that pharmaceutical companies stand to lose millions, since their nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and all these other grotesque products that no one really enjoys will become nearly obsolete.

Why, even the tobacco firms have developed their own e-cigarettes, but I wouldn’t trust them!  The only result if all these ridiculous laws are passed will be that the e-cigarette industry will be slowed so that proper licensing (a.k.a. a corporate plan of profitability) can be implemented.

No, these devices are not for children but they are for discerning adults who are aware of what the product is and who prefer it as the safest, tastiest, cheapest and most exhilarating product on the market.  It is our opinion that e-cigarettes should be treated like caffeinated drinks, or at least like alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, since they require no clinical supervision.

Simply put, politicians and safety watchdogs should embrace the technology of e-vaporizers rather than labeling it as the next big terrorist threat.

Have a virtual smoke.

Congratulate society and science on how far they’ve come in making the world just a little bit safer.

(We welcome a civil discussion below in the comments…keep it clean.)

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Gina King is the brand manager for Veppo International, the leading brand offering a robust selection of vape pen vaporizers, e-liquid and e-cigars. Over the past 6 years, Veppo has provided more than 108,000 customers a friendly alternative to cigarettes. More info at

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  • Reply October 26, 2013


    I started using Veppo/Vetta products at the beginning of the year, after many, many many – ultimately unsuccessful (cause I’d always start again) tries at quitting. I tried everything – patch, gum, pills, generic and label e-cigs, cold-turkey (god was that not good), and this is the first time I have ever gone over six months without “cheating’ by “just having one” to soothe the nicotine craving. see, for me – even with e-cigs, they never had enough nicotine in them for me to feel like I was feeding my addiction, and therefore i would “sneak” one late at night to try to get my feel-good back on. Also, I was going through batteries and cartridges like I was spending on real cigarettes – not much of a real help, there. When I explained to my live in (who is a former smoker who quit in like one day and now just thinks cigarettes are the devil incarnate and literally screams that you’re killing yourself [which i guess is all too true] and smoking had become a real problem in our relationship) that i was no longer consuming all the chemicals, carcinogens, smoke and other bad cigarette things and was instead just using nicotine flavored water-based vapor, he calmed down a bit. Still wouldn’t let me do it in front of him because it LOOKED like smoking, but he’s even eased up on that now, too. Because i can choose the nicotine level that is right for me, and mix them (the older bottles are good for that), and even flavor them (though I don’t do that often – always over-mix: blech), I have not bought, borrowed, found, nor smoked one single solitary cigarette. E-cigs are a joke, and if you read the news lately, they’re “malfunctioning” and sometimes (and I’m quoting here) “Catastrophically malfunctioning” and ending up hurting people. They didn’t have the nicotine content that most people need, they weren’t/aren’t attractive, and they look *surprisingly* just like cigarettes. I swear, I have recommended Veppo/Vetta to almost everyone I know – Facebook, Twitter, Pintrist, even buying sets for people to use to try out while they’re visiting at the house (other people can smoke – bothers him, but *I* can’t smoke cause I’ll have to move out!) and almost to a one, they’ve all agreed with me this is a marvelous product.

    If the FDA gets involved (which they could, calling it a Nicotine Delivery Device and therefore under their purview), they will completely ruin what has been the best and only solution for me. Hell, the FDA doesn’t do much other than that with a lot of things, if we’re honest. E-cigs, I could almost see them getting involved with, because you’re not just dealing with water vapor – there’s other chemicals in them thar devices – you can taste it on your lips when using them!!! But this is so simple and ideal and a perfect alternative to a product they already know is going to kill you but still allow (Actual Cigarettes: They’re proven to cause cancer and kill people and there were hearings on it, but they’re still allowed & regulated by the FDA. I’m not sure how that’s possible, other than the tax industry’s involvement…) So:

    To the FDA: get out of my addiction. I’m not inhaling the things you regulate as “fine” and “passable” and I will work my way down from my current nicotine levels and will stop. But I may just then use the 0% liquids, because I have an oral fixation, and it’s better than the 40 lbs i would be carrying around instead. We consumers are a smart set of individuals. Those of us who are serious about doing something better for ourselves have found the better solution, and it is Veppo/Vetta – which is the BEST solution to all the alternatives out there put together (except for quitting entirely, but I’m getting to that) in one little grossly managed little bunch. Worry about the things with the actual DEADLY stuff in it, and leave us smart folks who’ve found our alternative alone.

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