The 10 Commandments of Vaping: Ten Rules for Vapers

Rules For Vapers
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It was only a short time ago that some smart ass somewhere said: “Let my people go!” – laying down the law and give rules for vapers to live by.

Thus began the great exodus from cigarette smoking. Vaporizers became the rule for the chosen. Vaping is on the rise as more people realize the convenience, cost-efficiency and practical tobacco alternative that these devices provide.

That said, newbies sometimes need a little help making the transition from the big, smoke-filled, suck to the smooth, vapory inhale.  As long as you follow these ten rules for vapers, you’re going to be just fine.

No questioning the commandments, heathen!

1. Thou Shalt Not Have Any Other Cigarettes Besides Vape

What’s the point?

This is kind of like those “vegetarians” that still eat fish.  It makes no sense and gives both tobacco smokers and vapers a bad name.  The point is that vaping eliminates the need for smoking.  It gives you the nicotine you crave as well as the calming inhale-exhale combo move, without the unpleasantness of tobacco smoke.  The odor, the second-hand smoke, the teeth yellowing, and so on.  We understand that smoking addiction is strong but that’s why newbies are advised to start with a higher dosage of nicotine liquid, equal in content to their old cigarette packs.  This begins the tobacco smoke detox and you’ll be amazed at how much it works.  It’s not just counterproductive, it’s a waste of money to do both.

As far as rules for vapers go…this is the one the modern-day Moses stressed the most.

2. Thou Shall Stock Up on Batteries and Atomizers

Remember that vaporizers are electronic devices and although they do contain liquid, they don’t literally “run on water, man!”  They are battery operated.  So stock up on extra batteries as well as atomizers, since they will have to be replaced every so often.  We also find that newbies much appreciate it when we give them this little tidbit: buy a USB charger or car charger so that you can vape anywhere, at any time, and not have to drain your batteries all the time.  We’re well aware that vapors vape a LOT since they are trying to kick the smoking habit and switch over.  So invest in a little extra energy and learn to be energy-efficient from the get-go.

3. Thou Might As Well Buy E-Liquid Rather Than Filled Cartridges

Refill cartridges are expensive but choosing Veppo means that you simply have to refill the e-liquid solution into the empty cartridge and drop one directly on the atomizer.  Trust us, refilling cartridges, not to mention quitting the cigarette packs, is going to save you loads of money.  In terms of nicotine and “buzz” worthy smoke, 10 milliliters of e-juice equals 10 packs of cigarettes.  That’s what you call the unofficial “vaporizer’s discount”, and it’s a never-ending sale.

4. Thou Shalt Keep Thy Coils Moist

The atomizers do need replacement but even before that time comes, you want to ensure maximum performance so that the vaping is of good quality.  Always moisten the coils, making sure the cartridge is not dry.  If the atomizer becomes clogged you won’t get back all of the vapor you put into the device.

5. Thou Shalt Choose a Slightly Lower Dosage as Your Normal Intake

Base your nicotine content on your former intake of nicotine from tobacco.  The ingredients can be found on the box.  If you don’t already have cravings, it’s best to start with a lower dose.  The e-liquid comes in levels of high, medium, low and no nicotine at all.  Since vape is best served with flavor (either famous cigarette flavors or unique flavors) it is easy to get carried away and absorb more nicotine than you would ordinarily take in.  This is why newbies or light smokers should start with lower doses and then gradually increase their intake to find their level of comfort.

6. Thou Shalt Not “Hold It” Beyond What is Normal or Pant On It Like a Puppy

There’s no need to take super-long puffs or deep inhalations beyond a standard cigarette or cigar puff.  The best way to smoke is to take long (yes, what you’re thinking long is) and slow puffs so that you get the maximum vapor volume.  This gives you the relaxing buzz you want while sparing you from the watery “panting” (or shallow breaths) that result when you inhale and exhale too soon or too “hard.”  On the other hand, extra long puffs (beyond long, and to the point of screwing around and losing your breath entirely) is not a good idea because (A) it’s kind of dumb, and (B) you might overheat the atomizer damaging the product.

7. Thou Shalt Not Be a Vape Bully

Seriously, don’t be a vape bully.  We know it’s cool when you take your first puff, looking like some bad-ass gangster out of the Star Trek universe, not to mention breaking free of cigarettes once and for all.  However, there’s no need to rub it in to your old smoking buddies, saying stuff like:

“How about we go to a restaurant?  I can vape and you can watch me!”

“How’s it going with the yellow teeth and dragon breath, my weak-minded friend?”

“I saved so much money on e-cigarettes I went ahead and bought me a new car!”

“So I met this great nice guy/girl while I was vaping last night and we really hit it off…are you still single?  It might be because of the smoking, dude.”

Or whatever.  Be a gracious winner in life!  Besides, if you’re nice about it and take the time to explain how awesome your personal vaporizer is and what benefits you enjoy from old smoke sticks, then you may even bring your smoking buddies to the winning team.

8. Thou Shalt Not Commit Vapetery

This is the heinous act of stealing someone else’s vaporizer.  Yeah, we know there are some really cool e-cigars and wacky flavors out there to experiment with, but it’s not really good karma to steal someone else’s vape, nor to bum a whiff off of your friend’s vaporizer.  Yes, cigarettes are cheap.  E-cigarettes are high-class, valuable, and the personal property of their owner.  Respect distance and boundaries.  Unless, of course, you’re married…because husbands and wives always share cooties.

9. Thou Shalt Research All the Vapes!

Be careful not to buy your first vaporizer too soon.  It’s exciting to see a colorful catalog just waiting for you, and yes, the Vibe is a great buy.  Then again, not everyone wants the same vaping experience.  A lot of first-timers suck in more than they can exhale so to speak, and eventually become unhappy with the impulsive purchase they made.   Learn about the different e-cigarette models out there, the extras, the flavors, and the advantages of each one.  Do you like the shape and style of vaporizers or e-cigars?  Do you like the convenience of a huge tank or are disposables more your speed?  What about maintenance?  The larger models usually require more maintenance.  Research your project thoroughly before making your first purchase.  You may even find it useful to chat with vapers on Facebook, Twitter or on discussion forums.

10. Thou Shalt Not Worship Any Other

Okay, maybe we’re tooting our own horn a bit, but consider that we are the company that offers:

  • E-cigars with twice the power and a chewable tip
  • A variety of exotic and familiar flavors of e-liquid
  • Adjustable nicotine content for quitters or joy-riders
  • The new Vault -One- lifetime vaporizer for frugal buyers who want it all

These are ten rules for vapers that will help make your first time special and avoid those common mistakes that first-time vapers sometimes encounter.

We’re a community, we stick together!

Have any rules for vapers you’d add to the almighty stone tablets of vaping commandments?

Let us know which commandments you’d alter or add on the Veppo Facebook page.

Rules For Vapers

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