Suorin Air – The Modern Stealth Vaporizer

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In a world of 5 battery mods and brick-sized vapes – the Suorin Air is looking to where the industry is heading instead of where it currently is.

Pod vapes and stealth devices are an anomaly in the vaporizer market today. Looking at the big picture – accessibility for the average smoker or vape user needs more attention.

The Suorin Air, a new stealth vaping device made by Foxxcon, is here – and it’s making a big splash with those looking at portability and convenience as their friend.

We have a feeling once you try the Suorin Air, you’ll never lug around a brick or revert back to an analog when you’re out of the house again.

The Consumer-First Vaporizer

A vaporizer is a very personal item. People tend to want different things from their vape based on lifestyle design and feature preferences.

An enthusiast may prefer more powerful devices such as box mods. A commuting worker may want portability from their vape, as in vape pens and cigalikes. A fashionista may care more for the style of a device – such as look, design, and color way. Engineers and biohackers may be primarily interested in vaporizer performance – simply wanting the most efficient device possible.

Not many vaporizers can tick all of the boxes…

That is why we think the Suorin Air is made for YOU. This minimal vape is an all-in-one smash hit that combines affordability with convenience. Why is that such a rarity?


The world is changing, along with the people living in it. Innovative technology has been cemented into the lives of millions of people across the world.

The Suorin Air was made for…

Those who embrace the future.

Those who welcome the convenience of new technology in their lives.

Those who prefer functionality over trend.

Those who want an affordable, practical alternative to smoking.

If any of those are you – Hello!

From the same manufacturers of the iPhone, the Suorin Air looks to the future of the vaping industry. With a device that is smaller than a business card and can be held with just a pinky finger, the Suorin Air paves the way for accessibility in the modern vaporizer market.

Send one to a smoker who complains that vaping, “just doesn’t do it for them” or “looks awkward to carry around.” The Suorin was made for them too – easily hidden with a powerful Mouth-To-Lung hit that replicates an analog drag.

The Suorin Air is the ideal device for those who enjoy vaping but don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing coils and atomizers.

That being said, the amount of vapor and flavor the Suorin produces is shocking for a device of its stature. It’s no wonder this device has many vapers in the international community so excited.

Big things really do come in small packages!

Meet the Suorin Air and can kiss all those problems goodbye.


Another fascinating trend that the Suorin has become a catalyst for is the community forming around the device itself. The Suorin Society is a rapidly evolving group of like-minded individuals who are taking to the Suorin Air for its unprecedented functionality.

Ride your bike to work?

No problem, slip the Suorin into any pocket – you won’t even feel it’s there.

Looking to take a few vape hits on your work break without pulling out a brick-sized vape out of your pocket?

Easy, just take out your wallet and drag the Suorin a few times.

Tired of having to buy new atomizers, cleaning up after loose parts and changing your coils every week?

With the Suorin – you only have two parts. Magnetic – boom. Ready to vape out of the box.


Suorin Society

Let’s face it – society is moving faster than ever before. So fast –  it’s impossible to keep up. There will be many technological advances made and thousands of new products introduced to the e-commerce black hole by the time you’ve finished reading this blog post.

The Suorin Air is a device well aware of how rapidly things change. Its simplicity is what gives it the strength to wade through the stream of new products with millions of new ideas and parts.

Quickly gaining followers and users internationally, the Suorin Society seems to be a technological entity that fits within the parameters of Moore’s Law. It’s exponential. If you try this device, chances are you’ll understand it’s effect on propelling the vape revolution.

The ethos of the Suorin Society looks to technology as a tool instead of a crutch. Are you ready to tackle whatever the world may throw at you? 

Minimalism, functionality and forward-thinking ideals are the underlying principles of the Suorin Air Society. For anyone interested in stealth or covert vaping – this society provides the ideal platform for vaping on your own terms.


An evolution reminiscent of when the first model of the iPhone was released – this vaporizer is truly a game changer.

It only takes a few quick searches to see how riled up people are over the Suorin. Check out the Suorin Air Forum for reviews, pictures, and videos of the Suorin Air in action.

People in the Suorin Society also seem to be very keen on how much money the Suorin Air saves on e-liquid, how long the battery lasts and quickly it charges, as well as how convenient the device is to carry. 

Suorin Air Overview

Let’s review what the Suorin is comprised of and how this powerful mini vaporizer works.


– 400 mAh Battery
– 2ML Cartridge
– Size: 86 mm x 43 mm x 8 mm (H x L x W)

There are only two pieces to the device: the battery and the cartridge. Easy as that.

No extra buttons or temperature settings are on the device, leaving the model sleep and minimalistic. Despite the lack variants and adjustability, the flavor and amount of vapor one can exhale from the Suorin is sure to satisfy any vape user.

Whether you are seeking to streamline your setup, add a reliable backup, or start with a stylish and dependable device; the Suorin Air is the device you’ve been waiting for!

Got your attention? Want the next generation of true freedom devices? Let us know what you think about the Suorin Air in this Facebook post.

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