My switch to Veppo: A personal experience

My switch to Veppo
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My switch to Veppo: A personal experience.

I am not going to lie to you, it wasn’t easy.

I had been a smoker since the age of 18, pretty late for someone from the UK actually, especially Wales!

I had been smoking for 15 years and, in that time, had only quit twice for periods of longer than 4 months.

It is a disgusting habit.

Just the other day, a curious 11 year old boy came up to ask me what I was doing with this space age, metallic blue laser pen (a Veppo VAULT vaporizer) and after cautiously glancing at his mother (who gave me a reassuring nod) I told him about the positive aspects of such a device for us ex-smokers. This was after I had spelt out how addictive normal smoking is, how uncool it is when you realise you are just killing yourself to impress nobody and that in no means should he take it up.

After he skipped merrily along, his mother and I got talking and she also told me how difficult it had been for her to quit the dreaded sticks and that she could only do it when she got pregnant, otherwise she would be still puffing away.

She asked how effective vaporizers are and without any hesitation I blurted out “I would 100% still be smoking if I had not discovered these”. This actually shocked me too.

Do I really have that little willpower?!?!

Maybe so.

I knew I had to quit a while back, not only because of the health complications, but also how undesirable it made me feel. The yellowing of teeth, smelling like Guy Fawkes night, and haggard skin. My girlfriend didn’t smoke and she hated it too. This all pointed to the need to kick the nasty habit.


I tried patches first but, as I hand rolled my own cigarettes, this was no good. I was way too fidgety and needed to occupy my hands.

Secondly, I tried a nicotine stick that gave me a hit of nicotine but not the pleasurable trickle down the back of you throat that most smokers miss.

I gave up after a few months and had sly, guilty cigarettes when my girlfriend wasn’t around, like a teenager hiding from his parents.

Then I heard about electronic cigarettes and decided to order one. It was a Chinese model and although it broke after a week, it was OK, best I had tried in those days but it was so flimsy and expensive that I deemed it pointless. Back to analog.


Then I got a Veppo VAULT. A pricier model but it looked the real deal and the testimonials I had read seemed to point in the direction that this was a stunning device, so I took the plunge.

This is singlehandedly one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

The VAULT gives you all the sensations a smoker craves and then SOME, with nothing harmful in it.

Now I am not going to say I haven’t smoked since because that would be lying but in two years I have smoked maybe two ten decks of cigarettes and this has mainly been when I have stupidly forgot to order e-liquid.

Twenty cigarettes in 2 years is a stunning return for how I feel and look now.

My hair seems in better health, skin is glowing, but it is my teeth that have really come back from the dead. I now don’t hesitate to smile when a photo opportunity arises whereas before I would be the moody looking guy in the background or would be covering my mouth somehow.

This may all sound a little like I am obsessed by the cosmetic aspect of things but if you saw me you would realise I am not, I still dress like I am in a Pearl Jam tribute band.

To all those who are still sat on the fence about making the switch, as Nike would say, “Just do It”.

Veppo truly is better than the real thing.


Submitted by Taz, a Veppo vaping customer

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Gina King is the brand manager for Veppo International, the leading brand offering a robust selection of vape pen vaporizers, e-liquid and e-cigars. Over the past 6 years, Veppo has provided more than 108,000 customers a friendly alternative to cigarettes. More info at

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