The James Bond Guide to Vaping in Style

Vape like James Bond
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“Bond. James Bond.”

Yes, I got your name but what I asked was, what do you smoke?”

“Oh…actually I vape.”

(Cue 007 Music)

Yes, one can only imagine that if James Bond were culturally aware, (we say culturally aware because he has already been updated to the 2000 era nicely thanks to Daniel Craig) that he would have surely thought about the many benefits of vaping. You know, they’re safer than cigarettes, they’re more cost-efficient, and there are plenty more options to choose from.

However, we feel that James Bond would choose e-cigs simply for the fact that the man knows style.

He knows that vaping looks cooler than using those old 20th century sticks that suddenly appear so unfashionable.

Which just emphasizes the point that cigarettes are old. Outdated. That’s not really James Bond now, is it?

James Bond is synonymous with style.

He defined sex appeal, sleekness, timeless modern masculinity, and smart fashion. So in tribute to James Bond and his alpha male contributions to pop culture, we simply had to share our “How to look and vape like James Bond ” fashion piece.

(If you do this right, you are going to quickly earn a reputation.)

 1. Vape for dramatic effect

Taking a long, cool vape is the new “pause” in flirty, dangerous conversation.

Don’t rush an answer.

Whenever you’re being put on the spot, it’s time to vape and take in the moment before giving your eagerly awaited answer.

2. Always match your vaporizer with your clothes

Today’s modern vaporizers are fashion statements; they’re almost accessories with the amount of detail that goes into their construction. So you have this pretty big mouth piece that’s definitely a conversation starter. Doesn’t it make sense to match it to the general complexion of the attire you’re wearing?

James Bond always dressed brilliantly. He took pride in his appearance and made sure that his entire persona was “branded” and synchronized in color and style. He was never disheveled or caught wearing a suit too big or too small for his bodacious bod. The man even polished his shoes and the camera made sure to highlight his perfectly shined shoes.

So we can’t help but think Bond would match the color of his vaporizer with his suit, because it’s only good fashion sense. He would pick a vaporizer with conservative colors, nothing too bright or distracting. It would match his dark suits and the vapor would be just as subtle and understated as his demeanor.

3. Always save up for the finer things in life

You would never catch James Bond at a dollar store, even if he was trying to knock off the mastermind of a terrorist organization who was cleverly masquerading as a dollar store cashier.

Bond didn’t do cheap, which was not to say he was a rich man.

He simply took great pride in the things he bought. He was happy with one great coat, one bottle of good champagne. He preferred quality over quantity. Even among his women, he only slept with the very best—he never quite reached Mick Jagger’s level of all-acceptance.

This is why James Bond would probably not waste time with the e-cig pack or even the personal vapors. He would want the “big one”, the premier vaporizer that has the most power, the most storage capacity, the one made with chrome, copper and Pyrex glass—no cheap plastics, no sir. As for color? Well of course, there are vaporizers in all colors from stainless steel, blue matte, red…but something tells us Bond would prefer black to match his perfectly ironed suit.

4. Be droll, classy and don’t let them rattle you

You’re going to be noticed if you boldly vape where no friend of yours has ever gone before. Get used to the looks, the jokes, the teasing comments, and the women testing you, asking you what that “thing” is supposed to be.

Don’t get flustered.

Vape Like James Bond - VeppoChannel your best impersonation of Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig, or the best Sean Connery, and reply in a deadpan and sophisticated manner, confident in your choice, and self-assured that they are the ones who don’t know what they’re missing. Whenever you speak, in those dramatic moments where you put your vaporizer down to say something important, be bold; know what you like and what you want.

And of course, always be a gentleman. Don’t smirk just because women are still smoking and men are still holding onto their old stogies. You’re too classy to be barbaric. Vape away, knowing in the end you’ll be the one to get out alive.

5. Stay physically fit

James Bond was always in tiptop shape, given that he was required to jump, duck, shoot and punch his way to survival. He worked out. He ate right. And we have to believe that after a lifetime of excellent fitness, he came to realize that only thing slowing him down and making him wheeze after he passed 40 was the tobacco smoke.

Bond would have been very impressed with the vaporizer—a much cleaner system that uses only nicotine e-liquid and no added toxins. James Bond had superior tastes in quality food and drink. He was a connoisseur not a mindless chain smoker. We think he would have been fascinated by the huge selection of e-liquid and vaporizer styles out there.

6. And finally…choose the vaporizer that is least conspicuous.

Because if it’s a funny looking thing, they’ll always wonder if you’re packing a hidden gun in that e-cig. And who knows? Maybe you are. Wear the poker face and be on your way.

And remember…

Don’t think. Just let it happen.
Bond in The Living Daylights

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