How To Talk To Your Kids About Vaping

Talking To Kids About Vaping
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If you’re a parent that vapes, knowing how to talk to your kids about vaping may seem like a daunting task.

Do your kids ever ask you about that device you bring to your mouth every day? Are they curious about the vapor you blow out?

Have you had trouble explaining to them what it is you’re doing?

Kids ask tough questions about vaping.

And it’s up to you to be prepared with an answer. We came up with tips and advice that could be valuable when you talk to your kids about vaping. 

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“Why do you vape?”

You could answer with:

I started smoking. Vaping offered an alternative that seemed to be better for my body and cheaper. I enjoy it, and it helps me relax. But there are many different things I enjoy that help me relax too. Can we talk about some?


“If it’s so much better for you than cigarettes, then why can’t I vape?”

You could answer with:

Nicotine is harmful to young brains. It can have a lifelong impact if you start consuming nicotine early on. I love you too much to risk letting you do any harm to your brain.


“What is that device that you bring to your mouth every day?”

You could answer with:

It’s called a vaporizer. Rather than smoking, I use a vaporizer because the taste and smell are better. But just like smoking, it can be dangerous for children.


“What does vaping taste like?”

You could answer with:

It all depends on what flavor I’m using. Typically a light fruit or tobacco flavor. Vaping tastes okay, but it tastes nowhere near as good as the apple pie we’re having for dessert tonight.


“Can I try your vaporizer?”

You could answer with:

No. It may make you feel like a grown up to use a vaporizer, but your body and mind are still developing, and nicotine can harm you at your age. You can ask me again in a few years.


“What does it feel like when you vape?”

You could answer with:

It’s like breathing in air that is a little bit thicker and hotter than normal air.


“Is vaping dangerous?”

You could answer with:

For you, yes. Your body is still developing. Nicotine has been shown to have an effect on adolescent brains that can impact you for the rest of your life. On its own, nicotine does not pose much of a health risk for adults. When you get older, it will be your choice whether or not you decide to take up vaping.


We asked our customers about how vaping relates to their reason for switching to vaping. 

Transition To Vaping               Smokers Before Children



When parents take the time to have meaningful conversations with their children, they encourage them to make sensible choices and develop a better relationship with them.

One of the first things you should remember…


Many parents wait until an issue with vaping arrives rather than taking the time to sit down with their children and have a proactive conversation with them. It is best to discuss vaping with your children as soon as they show interest in it.

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Figure out how to talk to your kids about vaping and make sure you…


Parents Who Vape


Sometimes having a difficult conversation can be easier in a more neutral location. Rather than cornering kids in their room, it may be best to have the conversation in a more casual area like a living room or kitchen.

Allow them to feel comfortable and don’t make it seem like this is something you’re forcing on them.

When you decide upon a good location to talk to them, you can…


Parents Who Vape



Instead of starting a conversation with them about vaping in a direct way, perhaps try asking them a more indirect question like, “Do any of your friends use vaporizers?” or “Have you ever heard of a vaporizer?” You could ask them if they’ve seen any celebrities or public figures using vaporizers as well.

This indirect approach will allow for the conversation to take on a more natural flow rather than seeming like a serious “talk.”

When you’ve started the conversation, be sure to…



There’s nothing kids hate more than a lecture. Don’t accuse or use a belittling tone. This will turn children off and make them incapable of absorbing what you’re saying.

Make sure to listen just as much as you talk. Don’t come off as being judgmental or degrading.







Have you found any particular tips that you can share with other parents? Head on over to the Veppo Facebook page and share your thoughts with other parents who want to know how to talk to your kids about vaping.

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