UK Government Urging Employees To Vape At Work

Employees To Vape At Work
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This isn’t a joke headline – the UK government’s Tobacco Control Plan is encouraging employees to vape at work.

We’ve all seen the employees who count down the time, waiting for their break so they can go outside and puff on a cigarette. It’s in almost every office culture throughout the world, and it’s a massive problem.

There is no place that produces stress quite like an office, and that stress is often relieved by cigarette breaks.

Doesn’t this raise every health red flag in the book?

Employees take productive time out of their day, all the while risking their health doing it. England is taking proactive measures to ensure their workforce stays focused and happy by reminding companies that vaporizers are not illegal in offices.

Should employees be permitted to vape at work?


The UK Department Of Health Is Serious About Cutting Smoking Rates

The UK has been one of the biggest vaporizer advocates since discovering that vaping is up to 95% better for you than smoking.

A document published by the Department of Health earlier this year laid out the foundations for a “smoke-free generation” by providing the resources to help those who smoke quit.

Priorities set out in the plan include reducing the number of 15-year-olds who smoke, reducing smoking during pregnancy and supporting smokers who are trying to quit.

Smoking rates in the UK have declined to the lowest smoking rate recorded since the 70’s and the second lowest rate in Europe according to the Office for National Statistics.

The results don’t lie – it’s effective.

Smoking at work is very tempting, and it’s about time a government stepped up with a plan to help combat the issue by allowing people to vape at work.


No Coverage From Legislation

The plan states that “Public Health England has produced guidance for employers and organisations looking to introduce policies around e-cigarettes and vaping in public, and recommend such policies to be evidence-based.

“PHE recommends that e-cigarette use is not covered by smoke-free legislation and should not routinely be included in the requirements of an organisation’s smokefree policy.”

Encouraging employees to vape at work may seem crazy to the USA and some other countries around the world, but the UK is embracing the evidence showing the effectiveness or vape users.

Cue the applause. Bravo, England. Well played!

The ongoing battle for regulation in the USA is hindering progress. The progress that could shape the health of an entire nation. Money and big business is a blocking unique, scientifically proven opportunity to capitalize on technology for the wealth and benefit of the public.

Adversely, the UK has stepped up to the plate ready to swing.

The document proclaims, “Stopping smoking is hard, and many smokers are turning to e-cigarettes to help them in their attempts.

“The best thing a smoker can do for their health is to quit smoking. However, the evidence is increasingly clear that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to health than smoking tobacco.”

PHE released a document last year that includes guidance on e-cigarettes in the workplace.

Risk To Bystanders ‘Extremely Low’

Not only is the UK government encouraging vaporizer in the workplace, but they are also relying on data to set up a prosperous future.

Recently, we wrote an article about the truth behind secondhand vapor. In the article, we discussed how the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in secondhand vapor and compared them to the number of VOCs in exhaled breath, indoor air, and smoke from tobacco cigarettes.

The UK has embraced these truths, stating, “International peer-reviewed evidence indicates that the risk to the health of bystanders from exposure to e-cigarette vapor is extremely low.

“The evidence of harm from secondhand exposure to vapor is not sufficient to justify the prohibition of e-cigarettes. Managers of public places and workplaces should ensure that this evidence informs their risk assessments.”

Not stating that vaping in offices couldn’t be banned, the PHE guidance has listed professional etiquette,  people with asthma and distraction as reason vaping could be prohibited in offices.

The Department of Health plan continues by pointing out that over 200 deaths every day are caused by smoking. Also, over 10 percent of pregnant women smoke, despite risks to the health of their baby.

Smoking rates are also high among those with mental health issues or poor health and the smoking rate amongst low earners is three times higher than it is for the highest earners.


Should Other Countries Adopt a Vape At Work Policy?

You’ve heard the UK’s case to allow employees to vape at work, and we will see over time how effective this strategy is.

What you can’t argue with is that the UK is going above and beyond to give aid to smokers who are seeking to free themselves of shackles that are tar and monoxide.

Other countries should look to the UK as early adopters of public health principles and vaping advocates.

Should other countries follow the UK’s example? Do you think vaping should be allowed in offices? Would you want permission to vape at work? Why or why not?

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