The Cost of Smoking Vs. Vaping

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We’ve all heard it a hundred times…”Vaping will save you money!” But will it really? And if it does, how much money? In this article we’re going to explore the cost of smoking vs. vaping.   

First, we need to determine how much the average pack of cigarettes costs in the United States. A pack of cigarettes typically costs somewhere between $5 and $12 depending on where you are. According to The Awl Annual Cigarette Price Check, the most expensive state for cigarettes is New York, with an average cost of $14.85 per pack. The least expensive state according to The Awl was Kentucky with a price of $4.96 per pack. After adding the prices in all 50 states, we came to an average price of around $6.75 per pack nationally.



With the number of variables that go into a smoking habit, it can be difficult to determine exactly how much someone would spend on smoking each year. For this article, let’s use a hypothetical example smoker. We will call him “Brandon.”

Let’s say Brandon smokes a half a pack of cigarettes per day. If he’s spending $6.75 every two days on cigarettes, he’s spending around $23 per week, which comes out to $1,196 per year for his smoking habit.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper and say that Brandon smokes a full pack a day. That would mean he’s spending $6.75 per day on cigarettes bringing him to $2,463 per year on cigarettes.

Ok, so we’ve got a good idea of what Brandon would spend if he was smoking a pack a day or a half a pack. Let’s say Brandon is a really big smoker and smokes a whopping two packs a day. At that rate, he would be spending $4,927.



Let’s assume Brandon decides to #stopsmoking and try vaping. If he sticks to similar habits to those he had when he was smoking, he will likely go through about 2.5 mL of e-liquid every day. This comes out to about 75 mL of e-liquid every month. With this habit, he’ll need to purchase about 2.5 30mL bottles of e-liquid every month. If he’s getting his e-liquid from Veppo at $16.99 per bottle, he will be spending $42.47 per month on vaping. That means he’ll be spending $509.64 on e-liquid each year.

Brandon will also need to purchase a vaporizer. If he gets the Vex from Veppo, he’ll have an entry cost of $109.99. (Get the VEX for $80 and Free Shipping with promo code “VEXDEAL”

If he replaces his atomizer in his Vex approximately once a month, he will spend around $40 on atomizers each year. That brings the total cost of vaping for the first year to $659.63.


After the first year, he’ll save even more because he won’t have the upfront cost of purchasing a vaporizer. Many cigarette smokers may be intimidated to switch because of the initial costs of buying a vaporizer. However, after looking at the total costs, it becomes clear that vaping is a much cheaper option.



While the above information accounts for the expenses associated with maintaining a smoking habit, it does not account for the many indirect costs that come with smoking tobacco. According to the American Cancer Society, each year the United States spends around 133 billion dollars on healthcare costs as a direct result of smoking.

The American Cancer Society also found that the average amount of healthcare costs per pack of cigarettes on each smoker was $35. Taking these costs into account, it becomes apparent that vaping is a much cheaper option. Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States, and over half of those who smoke will die from a smoking-related illness. Whether or not those costs can be calculated to an exact figure is tough to determine, but they speak for themselves. The cost of smoking is overwhelming and is one that vaping has the potential to reduce.

The argument between the cost of vaping and smoking is one that has been waged for a long time. We hope that this info helps makes weighing the cost so smoking and vaping more clear. Check out the infographic below for a better comparison.


Cost of Smoking vs. Cost of Vaping infographic

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