5 Celebrity Archetypes That Could Improve Their Image with Personal Vaporizers

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It’s all about image in 2013 and personal vaporizers are becoming part of the social consciousness in the world of pop culture. Fashion is changing. Health-first attitudes are spreading across the Internet just as they are beginning to permeate our fictional universes.

It’s chic to puff on a vaporizer

Nowadays, it’s chic to smoke a vaporizer or e-cigarette , because these products are fashion-friendly and because they are a creation of the Information Age: Smarter living, healthier outlooks, fun technology.

And it’s too bad that so many cigar-chomping icons had to call it quits before this exciting technology came to fruition.

Imagine how happy the iconic father, philanthropist and philander David Letterman might be if he could still chomp the end of that stogie without having to worry about heart disease. Imagine if Groucho Marx could have saved a few marriages by exhaling vapor instead of that “stinky old cigar” to quote his ex-wife Eden. And yes, imagine if Monica Lewinsky…wait, scratch that one.

Seriously, it is a bit mind-blowing to think how cigars have shaped pop culture, only to be vilified later as celebrities were forced to give up the habit.

However, the new vaporizers are made for people who love cigars and cigarettes but who can’t take the “heat”. We think it’s time for a zeitgeist reboot. Long live the personal vaporizer age!

Let’s consider five iconic TV and movie archetypes, past and present, who could reinvent themselves with the smooth odorless taste of vaporizers.


1. Black and White Starlets

Whether you’re thinking Marlene Dietrich, Betty Davis, or Lauren Bacall, it’s easy to see how much the classic stars of the golden Hollywood age loved their cigarettes.

Smoking celebrity starlets

It was iconic, super-confident attitude; the calm, sophisticated and graceful woman who the best, and most handsome of leading man had to win over.

In this day and age where cigarettes are vilified and characters are instantly perceived as “troubled” when they smoke, a few long, thin and clean vaporizers in between the lips of classic female leads would be a welcome time-traveling touch.


2. Gangster Capos

The entertainment industry allows men to look gruff, aggressive and oily, while protecting women behind a screen of mascara and frailty. And it’s hard to deny that cigars and cigarettes helped to shape this modern machismo.

Gangster smokers that should use a vaporizer

Tony Soprano chomped his cigars while drinking whiskey, banging beautiful women, and ordering hits. In Goodfellas, Ray Liotta’s interpretation of chain-smoking mobster informant Henry Hill was spot-on, the bad habit that would eventually take the life of the real Henry Hill in 2012.

Bottom line is that e-cigars and e-cigarettes are better for you since they spare you of all that unwanted tobacco smoke. Veppo says you can be capo and still a downright evil SOB without all the catastrophic lung damage. Capos blowing water vapor into the air. That’s scary…because that means these made guys are going to be around for a long time.


3. Funny Guys

Groucho Marx now vapes

Groucho. Dave. Jackie Gleason. Archie Bunker. Bill Cosby.

The kings of comedy knew that cigars were not only cool, refreshing, and fashion-friendly, but also funny! Groucho used his cigar as a prop, while Dave Letterman strutted that stogie in between his teeth, giving us all a big gap-toothed “What ya going to do about it?” grin. Hey screw you, Clinton—cigars were funny way before you came along.

So we are welcoming you in to the retro age of cigars, the big comeback, thanks to the next evolution of healthier e-cigar alternatives. Celebrate laughter and use that perfect, debonair timing to make the room explode into chuckles all the while chomping on a cigar you can smoke guilt-free for life.


4. Bad Girls

There’s graceful and classy and then there’s bad, sexy vixen and guys are nuts about both varieties.

Bad, sexy girls should clean up their act and vape.

Classy and mysterious, while enticing, will still surrender to young, impudent, dangerous and a little deranged. Whether you’re watching a murderously smirking Sharon Stone take a puff in Basic Instinct or gawking at Uma Thurman in full Pulp Fiction mobster moll getup, relaxing on the bed, heels up, and cigarette lit, it’s hard to deny smoking does make a bad girl look hotter.

Of course, tasting a smoker’s breath in that first stolen kiss can be a buzz kill, so we recommend these bad chicks trade in their cancer sticks for odorless, sweet, ivory-white-teeth e-cigarettes. Hey, maybe you girls can very tactfully recommend a Veppo stick to Lindsay Lohan!



5. Doomed, Cynical Youth

Cynical youth...saved by vaping

Last but not least, who could forget the haunting, tortured faces of cynical youth?

James Dean, Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix…they all left us too soon, and undoubtedly had so much more to contribute to the entertainment world. Along with their dark spirals into oblivion came the unfortunate vilification of smoking.

Chomping on a cigarette became the face of depression, and then those retarded anti-smoking commercials proliferated television.

That’s why now is the time to reinvent the image of smoking using smoke-less, safe, and healthier personal vaporizers. Let’s associate the rebellious 2000-  20s with e-cigarettes, a puff of fresh air that overpowers the despair of hacking coughs and red, baggy eyes. This is a good smoke that inspires, motivates, calms and refreshes. Like Sheryl Crow likes to sing, “If it makes you happy…why the hell are you so sad?” With the new age and technology of e-vaporizers at hand, it’s time to smile, it’s time to create great art, and time to start living a much longer life full of possibility.

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Gina King is the brand manager for Veppo International, the leading brand offering a robust selection of vape pen vaporizers, e-liquid and e-cigars. Over the past 6 years, Veppo has provided more than 108,000 customers a friendly alternative to cigarettes. More info at VeppoCig.com

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