A Letter from an Anonymous Non-Smoker

Nonsmoker endorses Vaping
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Dear Smoker:

Hi, nice to meet you.  You have probably seen me from a distance before.  I’m the woman who sits quietly at the table, minding her own business.  I’m the woman who clears her throat softly and then excuses herself from the room. 

The reason is: I don’t smoke. 

Second hand smoke really affects me negatively.  Smokers usually say that they are being persecuted since they aren’t allowed to smoke in many hotels, restaurants and so forth. 

But, contrary to popular belief, whenever someone smokes around me I do not throw a fit.  I do not scream, argue or point fingers, telling you what you “should” be doing. 

Most of the time, I simply walk away. 

Sometimes I have no choice but to breathe in the air and bear it, which causes me great stress. 

Most “non smokers” like me don’t want confrontation. 

We just want healthy, stink-free air to breathe, and relief away from second hand smoke, car pollution, and other toxins as much as humanly possible.

This is precisely why I, even as a non-smoker and non-vaper, am on-board with the vaping trend. 

There is no smoke, no smell, no lingering hint of nastiness wafting around the room waiting to bother me.  I don’t smell anything.  My allergies don’t flare up, and I don’t feel nauseous.  I don’t have to clear my throat, give anyone “the look”, or have a confrontation with someone, asking them to please please please! put out their cigarette while I’m with my children, just walking around and trying to enjoy my weekend. 

You can vape to your heart’s content and I will simply finish my meal, not having to worry about an odor ruining the taste of my dinner plate. 

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And to you, the vaper who has made the switch, I say: Thank you.

Thank you not only for sparing me from second hand smoke’s carcinogens, which have been scientifically proven to cause or increase the odds of lung cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, asthma problems, lower respiratory tract infections in children, and so on—but also for giving me back my rights, while holding onto your own.

I think we’re going to get along just fine!

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