10 Habits That Smokers Do Everyday

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The world loves a smoker!

You know like James Dean, or maybe Tony Clifton…of course, you realize those guys have been gone for decades, and ever since then smoking has gone out of style.

Oh, it’s definitely still around us, but the facts show that more and more people are choosing alternatives for their vices and are making the switch to vaping and e-cigs instead of continuing their smoking habit.

Let’s face it, like blue tuxedos or 1980s haircuts, smoking becoming out of style.  And here are 10 unattractive habits that smokers do that make the world roll their eyes, hold their breath and shake their head in pity.

1. Cough


If you have a hacking cough, it’s probably due to cigarette habits, since you’re inhaling over 7,000 chemicals, 69 of which are linked to cause cancer.  In fact, 90% of lung cancer deaths are linked to heavy cigarette smoking.


2. Grieve

Smoking and grieve

It pains us to say it, but cigarette habits cause a great deal of emotional pain.  And maybe it’s no coincidence that the greatest smoking icons are now long gone, their lives cut tragically short.  Over 8.6 million people in our country alone have been diagnosed with a serious illness linked to smoking.  For every one person who dies from a smoking-related disease, 20 more people suffer from a serious illness also linked to the cigarette habit.


3. Age Prematurely

Premature aging caused by smoking

Smoking has long been associated with rapid aging, and it’s no coincidence that people who chain smoke look upwards of one to two DECADES older than they really are.  Recent studies of twins from the Department of Plastic Surgery at Case Western Reserve University saw that twins that smoked showed visible evidence of aging signs, including baggy eyes, wrinkles around the lips and jowls.  These signs were not as prevalent in non-smoking twins.


4. Feel Intense Social Pressure

Intense social pressure

It’s becoming far more common to see e-cig users in public places, in cars and going about their daily routines.  It’s even come to the point where smokers can’t really go anywhere everywhere in town except their apartment or a hotel room.  People notice the difference when it comes to smoking, leaving behind odors and tarry substances, and e-cigs which leave practically nothing behind except vapor.


5. Smell Like an Ashtray

Smell like an ashtray

Vaping does not leave behind an overwhelming odor, and vapor tends to be sweet.  On the other hand, cigarettes leave behind a terrible taste and smell to the smoker and all his/her paramours.

Smoker’s breath is not just a mean description of a smoker—it’s a fact.  Smoking leaves smoke particles behind in the throat and lungs, and these particles linger inside creating a literally toxic breath. 

Furthermore, chemicals inside a smoker’s mouth can also linger, and these chemicals contains what is called aromatic hydrocarbons, which are carcinogenic.  Pyridines and pyrazines left behind are the main culprits, but drying out the mouth’s palate is another reason why bad breath stays since it leaves your open to the threat of anaerobic oral bacteria.


6. Huffing and Puffing

Diseases related to smoking

Many smokers are simply in bad shape. And that’s not a stereotype—just another fact.  Chronic smoking has been linked to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema), coronary heart disease, stroke, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and pneumonia.  It’s not just lung cancer you’re fighting against—chain smoking matches the risk of eating poor foods and not exercising, an indicator of heart disease.


7. Not Having Sex

Smoking cigarettes can cause low sex drive

Talk about an un-fun habit.  While sexual desire and performance comes natural to men who are healthy or young…the following is true:  [Tweet “If you are middle aged and smoking, you are subjecting your body to massive libido-killing.”]. Urologist Richard Milsten, MD, co-author of The Sexual Male  states that smoking literally causes penile damage, specifically smooth muscle that assists with erectile functioning.  In addition to an increased risk of heart disease, you’re simply asking your body too much to “get it up” more than a few times a week…or even a few times a month.


8. Over Paying for Poison

Paying too much for a pack of cigarettes

Everyone picks their own poison, right?  Well, that could be true…but of all the poisons to pick, this one is the most expensive.  Even if you smoke just one pack of cigarettes a day that’s $10 a pack, $70 a week and well over $3,500 per year—hardly comparable to the occasional purchase of an e-cig or personal vaporizer with longer-lasting nicotine e-liquid.


9. Promoting Your Own Career Failure

Career Failure due to smoking

By increasing your risk of cancer, heart disease, impotence and all that other good stuff you’re also contributing to the $70 billion tobacco health industry, which includes healthcare expenses, missed days at work, and even—get this—lower worker productivity.  Some estimates state that smokers cost companies an extra of $2,565 per year than non-smokers since smokers take more smoke breaks, sick days and pay more for healthcare and life insurance policies.  Don’t be surprised if more companies start filtering out smokers in the job application process, in coming years.


10. Lie to themselves, saying that smoking just feels better than vaping.

Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette

Whatever you say…but with a wider variety of e-liquid coming out, and the customizable throat hits of personal vaporizers,  no one but the smoker himself really believes that.  The real thing is simply old technology vs. new technology.  It’s less dangerous, more efficient in performance and price, and just cooler to vape in the modern age.






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Gina King is the brand manager for Veppo International, the leading brand offering a robust selection of vape pen vaporizers, e-liquid and e-cigars. Over the past 6 years, Veppo has provided more than 108,000 customers a friendly alternative to cigarettes. More info at VeppoCig.com

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