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A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives – Documentary Review

The A Billion Lives documentary is one of the most talked about and highest rated vaping films ever made. Unless you’ve been vaping alone…

Is Vaping a Gateway to Smoking?

You’ve probably heard the common idea that e-cigarettes can act as a gateway to smoking. Everyone from officials to lawmakers has touted this belief. We…

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Nonsmoker endorses Vaping

A Letter from an Anonymous Non-Smoker

Dear Smoker: Hi, nice to meet you.  You have probably seen me from a distance before.  I’m the woman who sits quietly at the table,…

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History of Vaping 1

The History Of Vaping

If you’ve been vaping for a long time, or even if you just started you may have wondered at some point “Where did these…

Diacetyl Free E-liquid

There is an newfound conversation and controversy regarding the chemical diacetyl, and how it’s been found in a large number of e-liquid products. Here at…

Taxes double ecigarette prices

Taxes to double e-cigarette prices

The e-cig industry is facing statewide attacks from lawmakers who are determined to label e-cigs as a “socially undesirable” element deserving of hefty sin…