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How The FDA Vape Regulations Affect You

If you’ve been confused by the headlines lately regarding recent FDA vape regulations, you’re not alone. They are confusing and complicated.   Currently, the legal…

Cost of Smoking Blog

The Cost of Smoking Vs. Vaping

We’ve all heard it a hundred times…”Vaping will save you money!” But will it really? And if it does, how much money? In this…

Vape Culture

Perceptions of Vape Culture

In the past, vape culture has been more associated with motorcycles and tattoos than it has with living a healthier life. How did vape…

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Nonsmoker endorses Vaping

A Letter from an Anonymous Non-Smoker

Dear Smoker: Hi, nice to meet you.  You have probably seen me from a distance before.  I’m the woman who sits quietly at the table,…

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Veppo Eliquid Contains No Diacetyl

Diacetyl Free E-liquid

There is an newfound conversation and controversy regarding the chemical diacetyl, and how it’s been found in a large number of e-liquid products. Here at…

Taxes double ecigarette prices

Taxes to double e-cigarette prices

The e-cig industry is facing statewide attacks from lawmakers who are determined to label e-cigs as a “socially undesirable” element deserving of hefty sin…

Modern women vaporizers

The Veppoccino Woman

First it was Clara Bow. Then Marilyn Monroe. Then Sofia Loren stole the show. These iconic women didn’t just become sex symbols – they…

Vaping Builds Character

“I had the opportunity to portray General Bullmoose in a production of Li’l Abner the Musical recently, with M&M Productions at the Kelsey Theatre…